You can use all types of check-in services at our Hospital depending on your age, gender and your complaints.

Check-up is a health research that should be carried out once a year to ensure that health is available for early detection and treatment of possible disease risks, without any health problems, and health. According to the report, before arriving at the check-up, patients should bring the test results to themselves, should come hungry, should not eat anything after 12.00 at night and must drink only water. For women, the check-up date can not be made during menstruation. In addition, medicines that need to be prescribed should be consulted with a doctor.

Is it possible for a person to go and get checked every time whenever he wants or when he has money?

Experts say that people should go through a check-up. In general, every person should go to the doctor for regular checkup after age 45. Women should be examined twice a year. This is the reason why women should have a retrospective analysis of at least six months or at least once a year to reveal childhood neck cancer. Patients who have no complaints or complaints are undergoing a gynecologic examination.
Check-Up is important for anyone regardless of gender and age. Increasing the incidence of cancer of some organs, such as diabetes, cholesterol height, cardiovascular diseases, diarrhea, infant and childhood neck cancer, intestine, urinary bladder and prostate gland, also requires routine health screening. In particular, it is possible to prevent these diseases, especially those who carry genetic risk, at least once a year with a check-up examination. People who do not have any health problems need to undergo a general examination once a year. Taking into account many nuances such as age, weight, hereditary factor, previous history of disease and lifestyle, a separate check-up package can be prepared for each individual.
Family members included in the risk group for diseases such as chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure, gynecological organs, diarrhea and prostate gland, those included in the risk group for other chronic and hereditary diseases, those under intense stress and stressful stress, menopausal period Women who want to have a healthier lifestyle need to pass check-ups.
The individual health analysis program, the first target when designing, is to ensure that persons are protected from diseases.
Taking into account the genetic structure, nutrition and sports habits, social life, education and economic levels, and environmental factors, each person can be considered "alone." In this regard, health check-ups are more useful when you are called.