Spec. Dr. Nahid Yunusov
Specialist Urologist-Andrologist

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Spec. Dr. Nahid Yunusov
Specialist Urologist-Andrologist



From 1997 to 2003, Azerbaijan Medical University, Faculty of Military Medicine, bachelor
Education in 2013 as a Specialist Urologist, Gulhane Military Medical Academy

Courses and seminars:

In 2015, “Cadaveric Model Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery For Stone Disease” course, Turkey, Ankara
In 2016, The 3rd National Congress of Urological Surgical Association, Turkey, Ankara
In 2017, “The 12th National Endourology Congress”, Turkey, Cappadocia
In 2017, “The 12th National Congress of Andrology”, Turkey, Bodrum
In 2018, “Pelvic Taban Live Surgery Symposium, Turkey Istanbul
In 2018, 1. Pediatric Incontinence Assessment and Pediatric Pelvic Taban Rehabilitation Training Course, Turkey, Ankara

Areas of specialization:

  • Stones of the urinary system (kidney, urinary tract, bladder and urethra).
  • Inflammatory diseases of the urinary system (kidney, urinary tract, bladder and urethra).
  • Prostate gland diseases (adenoma, prostatitis)
  • Pediatric urology (VUR, hypospadias, epispadias)
  • Gynecological urology (urinary incontinence, cystitis, vesicovaginal fistula)
  • Endoscopic treatment of Benign prostatic hyperplasia (adenoma)
  • Closed surgical treatment of renal and urinary tract, bladder stones
  • Continuous surgical treatment of kidney and bladder, prostate gland tumors
  • Microscopic varicocelectomy
  • Laparoscopic kidney surgery (kidney cyst, kidney removal, pyeloplasty)
  • Laproscopic removal of the adrenal gland
  • Treatment of urethral stenosis
  • Sexual weakness
  • Infertility

He has experience in conservative, medical treatment of various urological and andrological diseases, endoscopic and open surgery.